pH Balance - Alkaline is good, Acid is bad

After I was diagnosed with osteoporosis I came across a reference to excess acidity drawing calcium out of the bones. I read Dr Baroody's book, "Alkalize or Die" which was the first to come out about pH Balance. It is a great book. It explains in detail how we have allowed chronic disease to take over our bodies by eating the wrong food and having stressful lives. It often takes years for your body to show the consequences of excess acid but, by 50, our grace period has run out and most people are showing some negative effects.

There is much evidence that most Americans over the age of 50 are suffering from acid overload. When our body ph is too acid we are vulnerable to all kinds of diseases. Bacteria, mold, yeast and fungi thrive in an acid environment. If you are over-acid you will not be able to lose weight no matter how much you diet and exercise. The body stores fat and water to protect itself from acid in the body. If you are working out with an acid ph you create more uric acid for the body to get rid of. Sluggish digestion is also tied to acid ph. In fact, there are many doctors and nutritionists who think correcting the ph of your body is the logical first step to getting well and to a new vibrant life.

Most of the food we eat on the Standard American Diet is acid forming and therefore addicting. I'm sure if you are reading this you have already made some adjustments in your eating habits. Proteins, fats, processed foods of all kinds, are all acid-forming. Really the only things that aren't are vegetables, some fruits and some nuts. So, the trick is, to take a drink of green powder or a glass of lemon water with baking soda in it about an hour after eating acid-forming foods, then your pH Balance will come back into the healthy range.

You test your urine in the morning to check the ph level. Then check again after lunch and dinner to see how the food you ate affected you. I have had a healthy diet for years now and yet, when I tested in the afternoon, an hour after lunch, my ph was acid. I merely had to change a few things in my diet and I became alkaline again. I am selling here the best test strip on the market, the one Dr Baroody recommends, so you can test your acid balance. If you test acid with the strips, you can have a green drink or half a lemon in water and bring your ph back into balance. Lemon is acid but it creates an alkaline condition in your body. Try it and you'll see for yourself. Test one hour after drinking.

You can also test your ph level before and after a stressful event and notice how much your levels have changed. Becoming emotionally upset is as hard on our bodies as french fries and coke. It's really not worth it. Cultivate joy and peace and your ph level will stabilize.

Robert Young has a good book also, "Ph Miracle". He has a very informative site about acid/alkaline balance. His way of eating is very healthy but I think it is too extreme for most people who are not motivated by suffering. The solutions I am suggesting will be a transition for people to explore the good feelings and energy of having correct pH Balance.

If you are suffering from diabetes, arthritis, cancer or any major disease, you will definately want to read more about controlling the ph of your body. Buy some test strips and see for yourself then you can get educated about it.

I can't stress enough that the time to sit back and expect your doctor to take care of you is over. Health has been my major interest for decades so I have seen this coming. Doctors don't have the time or inclination to research nutritional issues. It's not in their curriculum. They have become drug suppliers and the evidence is mounting that most drugs do more harm than good. Drugs are usually designed as selective poisons aimed at certain symptoms. Unfortunately the drugs affect our entire body not just the symptom they were aimed at. We will eventually look back on that as insanity. We are complete organisms and we need complete foods to heal our bodies and bring us back to balance. Take a look at the green food I am selling on the site - it really is the best one out there and will help to alkalinize your body.


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